CAP – Continual Advancement Programme

The service provided by your support service departments such as Catering, Housekeeping (Cleaning), Laundry, Grounds and Front of House (Reception) is so often a vital part in cementing your reputation for quality of service.

CAP is an award programme that recognises real operational service delivery. Inclusive of Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, Grounds and Front of House, CAP provides a ‘scored’ measure of the department’s actual performance against recognised standards of service delivery, operational best practices and legal obligations.

The CAP Award path follows the steps laid out below: -

1. Define Areas for CAP

2. Confirm Dates for the On-Site Assessment

3. Score On-Site Findings and Supporting Data

4. Present CAP Report with the CAP Award

5. CAP Award in recognition of the service provided

6. Award individual staff commendation

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