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November 11th, 2014

Many schools, care homes and hospitals have made significant improvements to their housekeeping and catering services through our HOTSAP scheme.

HOTSAP – the Hotel Services Assessment Programme – is used by clients to financially and qualitatively assess their catering and housekeeping operations.

Crucially HOTSAP is not public facing and allows facilities to really perfect their housekeeping and catering services before going for a high profile CAP Award, with all the reputational and marketing benefits it brings.

HOTSAP is based on regulatory, best practice and industry standards of performance and is often used as a ‘test’ for the CAP Award, a bit like a mock exam.
The structure of an assessment visit is much more fluid against a site needs and our inspectors can spend time focusing in on a particular area which you feel requires guidance – food quality, cleaning standards, financial tools, etc.
The assessment highlights short-comings and strengths and allows corrective actions to be taken such as.

Housekeeping – Risk of cross contamination within the COSHH Cupboards due to colour coded light equipment not being segregated i.e. mop handles, brushes, dust pans, etc. A couple of wall grips were installed and the equipment was segregated and the risk reduced

Catering – The benchmarking exercised showed the food spend to be higher than expected. A series of ‘tools of the trade’ provided by HOTSAP were introduced to identify the cause. Purchasing compared favourably, the production waste % was slightly high but justified. The plate returns were high against benchmark with corrective action taken at the servery ref: byspoke portions. The resultant feedback was also good as the diners had been concerned about waste and the food spend reduced. Simple effective and quantified

These desired upgrades then become part of the appraisal process for the department with a percentage improvement figure being set as the target. For example the catering team may need an overall 10% improvement on the HOTSAP score. This could be made up of percentage increases in given sections i.e. the meal experience, staff training, at the service point or due diligence or as an overall HOTSAP progression. Individual elements could relate to PPE be available and clean, refresher training on ‘core skills’, fabric fault reporting being logged, financial awareness within the department, cleaning tasks set at daily, weekly, 1/4ly and annual.

Our clients find that HOTSAP is a useful group analysis tool across a number of sites for catering and housekeeping service delivery. Actions required by the Group Head Office can then be drawn from the analysis and applied across all sites to deliver continuity of best practice.

The tools of trade are supplied by HOTSAP to help progress the site’s / Group’s performance.
These could range from the Housekeeping Work Plan which looks at time allocations based on benchmark criteria through to the monitoring of food usage from purchasing to plate or qualitatively assessing the dining experience on to qualitative and financial KPI system for use as a Group or at an individual site