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The Service provided by your catering, housekeeping, laundry, grounds and reception departments is vital in ensuring that you meet and then go on to exceed your customer, visitor, supplier and staff expectations of these services whilst ensuring ‘value for money’. Whether it is the the catering offer, the cleanliness of the facilities or the welcome at Reception, the delivery of a ‘real’ operational impact is essential.

How can we aid you achieve this goal of meeting and then exceeding customer expectation. Quite simply, our work has proven to deliver via two distinct routes: -

1. Performance and delivery analysis backed-up by operational support focused on specific works within the catering, housekeeping, laundry, grounds and reception departments

2. C.A.P Award programme which recognizes and scores the service delivery within the individual department. The resultant Action Plan focuses on acknowledging the strengths and suggesting corrective actions on any identified weaknesses. The ‘scored’ element at Bronze, Silver or Gold re-enforces the progressive financial and qualitative management of the department and provides the site with evidence of excellence for all customer, visitor, supplier, external assessment organisations and staff.