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We can help business & industry organisations with...  laundry

What does ProVision offer you? Your Laundry Service is a very real tangible assessment of the quality of your Site. It is personal to the user whether with sheets, towels, pillow cases or uniforms. The user will and does make a quality judgment. Therefore a little time spent on getting this service right and your Laundry Service customer satisfaction will rocket!

1. CAP Award for Laundry Excellence Bronze CAP Award Silver CAP Award Gold CAP Award
2. Specific Works Commissioned
‘Count Down’ Assessment The Actual ‘Count Down’ Test PPE / Equipment @ ‘fit for purpose’ Linen Specifications
Staffing Productivity Competencies Training
Appraisal Work Plan Recruitment
Financials Reporting Target Setting Staffing
Benchmarking All Qualitative and Financial Aspects of the Service
Compliance Storage Service MI / Reporting
Systems of Work Storage Premises Audit COSHH
Key Ratios Staffing Usage Equipment
Our Other Services Tender Management Contractor Management Executive Leasing
Surveys Coaching for the Management of ‘Laundry