The Service provided by your catering, housekeeping, laundry, grounds and reception departments is vital in ensuring that you meet and then go on to exceed your patient expectations. Whether it is the cleanliness of the facilities, the food presentation or the welcome at the front desk, the delivery of a ‘real’ operational impact is essential.  The value of the CAP Award programme as part of a site’s progressive management has been recognised by CQC with the following statement being issues: -

‘Where available, information provided by the Provision Continuous Advancement Programme (the CAP Award) to CQC will be included in the Quality and Risk Profile that CQC holds for each registered provider. Quality and Risk Profiles are used by CQC staff to identify potential areas of compliance and non compliance with meeting the essential standards so that they can target frontline regulatory activity accordingly’.

Intelligence Directorate, The Care Quality Commission, 103-105 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TG

The CQC Quality and Risk Profile (QRP) is the tool that gathers all CQC knows about a provider in one place. CQC states that it enables it to assess where risks lie and prompt front line regulatory activity, such as inspection. The CAP Award scheme allows you to add positively to your QRP whilst demonstrating clearly that these areas are adding significantly to your patients’ experiences. 

The CAP Award programme  recognizes and scores the service delivery within the individual department. The resultant Action Plan focuses on acknowledging the strengths and suggesting corrective actions on any identified weaknesses. The ‘scored’ element at Bronze, Silver or Gold re-enforces the progressive financial and qualitative management of the department and provides the site with evidence of excellence for all patients, clients, consultants, external assessment organisations, visitors and staff.