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We can help healthcare organisations with...  front of house

What does ProVision offer you?  Your client’s first and last point of contact is with this service.  Let’s get it right and ensure your reputation for customer care and service!  Measure that experience and the service received will consistently exceed expectations.

1. CAP Award for Front of House Excellence Bronze CAP Award Silver CAP Award Gold CAP Award
2. Specific Works Commissioned
‘Response’ Assessment ‘Telephone’ Test ‘Welcome and Departure’ Score ‘Signing In /Out’ Evaluation
Staffing Productivity Competencies Training
Appraisal Work Plan Recruitment
Financials Reporting Target Setting Staffing
Benchmarking All Qualitative and Financial Aspects of the Service
Performance Confidentially F of H Experience Area Care
Key Ratios Staffing Response Times Area Management
Our Other Services Tender Management Contractor Management Executive Leasing
Surveys Coaching for the Management of ‘Front of House Services’